QUICK-SHIFT: The January Event Writers

Armele Adams is a wryter who spends the wee small hours pouring over her Mac, scanning improbable objects and adding to her site. Born in Yorkshire, she would like to have been Charlotte Bronte in a past life but also reveres Patti Smith, who was making multi-media art before all this net nonsense came about.


Simone Aldrick (Cyberia) writes fiction with a focus on sensual experience and hilarity.

Mike Byrne is a 37 year old Irish national resident in the UK, working on his first novel.

Lizi Cable (UK)

Gill Callaghan (UK)

Kim Chandler is a global writer now resident in Amsterdam. From a successful performance poet her work has grown to include a novel, screenplays, and plays for the theatre. Quite often working under a pseudonym, shes freed to write in a myriad of styles without anyone worrying about a box!

John Constantinou (UK)

Mustansir Dalviis an architect and a teacher, and heads a College of Architecture in New Bombay, India. His poems have been published in Poetry India, Poesis, and in The Brown Critique. His poem Choosing Trains was awarded First Prize in the Indian national daily Asian Age's Poetry Contest 2001.


Sam Harris (UK) joined trAce in order to participate in the QUICK-SHIFT event.

Clare Harvey (Germany) is an ex-freelance journalist and radio reporter, now a full time mum to 7-week old Ash, and part time TESOL teacher. She's also trying to find time between nappies to write her first novel.

Nicki Hastie has an enduring interest in how reading/writing can provide routes for exploring and building identity. She also enjoys constructing poetry with magnetic word tiles. Following a three-month Writer's Attachment with trAce, Nicki has developed many valuable connections with other writers through the Internet. She lives in Nottingham, UK.


Jennifer Jessop (USA) enjoys the net and the freedom of communication. She's particularly interested in collaborative writing and writes with a creature named Jevalenazdeth. She is currently concerned about her keyboard because the double-u and exclamation mark are going on the blink. The upper left keys are important to her.

Louise Jones (UK) is a surreal comedienne, actress, writer, magic realist, astrologer, editor, linguist and business analyst. Now moving into personal and business consultancy and writing for performance invarious media. First poetry written for publication at the age of seven. If I hadnt learnt to read so early Id have been a dancer. Well, I am ......

Lewis LaCook is a poet, musician and web artist living in Richmond, Virginia. Publications include: Cling (chapbook, Anabasis, 2000), Odious Art of Lewis LaCook (e-book, BeeHive, 2001), interactive web works in Rhizome's artbase. His work has also appeared in Lost And Found Times, Poethia, Big Bridge, Furtherfield.org, Aught, and others.

Ty Leverenz (USA)

Connie Makled (USA), aka Brigadoon at trAce, has been a member since October of 2000.

Pauline Masurel hails from Berkshire, UK. Her fiction has been featured in anthologies (Her Majesty, Signals 3), frAme 5, at the-phone-book.com. and broadcast on radio. Writing online and in collaboration is an important part of her writing-experience. Frequently rambling and slow, she enjoys the challenge of writing things fast or tiny.


Carrie McMillan is an English teacher and a writer of prose and poetry who lives in Exeter. She's been on and off trAce for a good long while now. She did Speedfactory in 1999 as well as Keystrokes.

Corey Myers is a happily drifting spore in the breezes of writing. From his Vancouver Island home, he writes poetry, fiction and non-fiction according to the whim of the moment, and has even been fortunate enough to be published, on occasion. QUICK-SHIFT was his first and favourite collaborative work.

Andrew Oldham writes for television (UK), screen (UK/USA), stage (UK/USA) and page (Worldwide). He has been published by such magazines as Dreamcatcher (UK), Idiolect (USA), Retort (Australia), Poetry Worm 14 (UK), Carillion (UK), Route Books (UK) and Poetry Greece (Europe). He was co-manager of QUICK-SHIFT: January.

Iliya Patev comes from Bulgaria, writes poems in English, and likes to sing and drum. Also, he likes to be down to earth and to have an audience. A close friend of his told him he has to live by his pen. That remains to be seen.

Margaret Penfold (UK) was the first trAce attachment and is still a trAce mentor.


Mary Percival (UK)

Glenis Stott is an active member of the trAce community and appreciates the potential of the Internet for interacting and collaborating with other writers. She works as an Information and Advice Worker for young people and lives in the North West of England.


Jane Tandy (UK) (aka cahoots at trAce)

Anna Turner is working on her second novel, and also writes poetry and short stories. She's starting an MA in writing next September and has been at trAce for over a year and a half.

Everdeen Tree writes and images collaboratively in both online and offline projects. She is an eponymous member of Jevalenazdeth and Maev. Ev manages QUICK-SHIFT and is corpo/really resident in Houston, Texas.


Ned Unitas is an American born on the Fourth of July. He has been a Colts fan all his life. He enjoys reading and writing sports and detective fiction. QUICK-SHIFT: January was his first time writing online.